Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I have my wine auctioned?

On our sales page you will find most information about offering your bottles in our auctions. If you want to know more, our employees are happy to help you.

Can part of my wines be auctioned in Singapore”?

Generally speaking, your wines will be included in the next upcoming auction. However, our appraisers will sometimes advise you on whether or not to auction certain wines in Singapore. If you have a preference, we would naturally like to hear that.

Is it not risky to transport my bottles to Singapore?

Every transport involves risks for the condition of the wine, despite our transport insurance and selection of specialized transporters. Accidents are fully insured, but in order to minimize the number of transport movements, we only transport wines directly to the buyer after they are purchased. In practice, this means that most wines are waiting for a next auction in our cellars in Amsterdam. But also in Singapore we have an air-conditioned storage for our consigners there.

How do I know for sure that an auction is fair?

At Winefield’s, we always say that auctioning is primarily a matter of trust. We will never betray your trust, however, in order to guarantee this, there is always a notary present at our auctions in Amsterdam who has full insight into our biding book.

Mr. S. Iseger of Notariaat Van Sprundel is our permanent notary.

What do the abbreviations in the catalogue mean?

On this page you will find a brief explanation of all abbreviations, but if you still have more questions, please contact one of our employees.

How long does it take before my sold lots are paid out?

After each auction, there is also an online after-sale to ensure that the best prices can be achieved for each seller. After processing these results you will receive your auction results and we will transfer your money as quickly as possible. In practice, this amounts to about four working weeks after the physical auction.

How are wines appraised?

Winefield’s has a team of very experienced appraisers. They propose a low and high estimate based on their knowledge of the market in the Netherlands and Singapore, recent auction results, the provenance of the wine and the condition of the bottles. In the end it is always up to you to agree with an appraisal. If you choose to sell the wines at Winefield’s and our appraisers have not yet physically inspected the wines, the appraisal can be adjusted after consultation if the condition of the bottles deviates from the expected state.

If you wish, you can add a so-called reserve to your lot; if that price is not met, the lot remains unsold. A reserve can never be above the low estimate.

What happens if a bid is made online at the same time as in the room?

At Winefield’s we start from the auction principle “floor first,” which means that in the case of simultaneous bids, the bidders in the room have priority. The auctioneer ensures that no equal bids are accepted in the room. Equal written, online and telephone bids are thus trumped by bids in the room.