WSET® Wine Courses

The world’s largest wine education institute, the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, works with internationally renowned names from the wine world. The accessible course modules, the structured tasting method and the years of experience in training experts have led to a platform for both enthusiasts and professionals. WSET courses are available in 19 languages and are provided by a network of more than 700 course providers. Winefield’s is proud to be one of those 700 with courses in both Dutch and English.

WSET® Qualification Wine Level 1

Level 1 is a part-day introduction to wine. We offer Level 1 on demand with the WSET certificate or without, at your location or with us. An introduction to wine for beginners, intended for people who want to start a career in the field of wine or who are just interested in wine.

You explore the most important types and styles of wine by looking, smelling and tasting. You will also learn the basic skills you need to properly describe wine and to pair wines with foods.

WSET® Qualification Wine Level 2

WSET Level 2 courses in Wines and Spirits and level 3 in Wines are standardly scheduled and can be found in our course agenda. These are training courses for beginners to intermediate students in which wines and spirits are explored for people working in this field or who are simply interested in this subject.

WSET® Qualification Wine Level 3

Level 3 is a qualification at an advanced level, intended for professionals from the wine sector and for enthusiastic wine lovers. This qualification offers anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of wine a detailed insight into the factors that influence style, quality and price. After completion, you are able to judge wines correctly and use your insight into wine to make reliable wine recommendations.